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Blue Eyes

Age: 45 years
Location: US
Ethnicity: White
Marital Status:  Single
Sexual Preference:  Straight
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Waist:  36 inches
Chest:  37 inches
Weight: 175 lbs
Penis Length: 7 inches


I'm Blue Eyes, a true Southern Gent.

Pictures you'll see on my pages include lots of my sexcapades with hot webgirls and swinger friends, as well as lots of me doing what I do so frequently when I'm alone in my hotel room after I relax and crack open a beer after a long day of work. I travel extensively for business and you never know when I could be spending the night in your town!
I'm a down to earth guy, kind of quiet and shy at first, and no one would ever guess that I love exhibitionism and voyeurism, have made porn movies and traveled the US and abroad having great sex on camera. I'm absolutely sexually openminded and you won't believe some of the things that really make me hard!  I do get myself into some interesting situations, just you wait and see!  
Send me your fantasies and requests, I'll do my best to show you what you want to see. I like reading your dirty e-mails, so start writing!  Now, What can BLUE do for you? I'm waiting.....
Check me out on my PHOTO page where you will always get a teasingly tame sneak peak into my 3 most recent adventures, then hit that JOIN button for the really good pics and lets enjoy!!!

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